The luxury of doing nothing.
The unique experience of Hokkaido.

MAOIQ is an accommodation villa in Naganuma, Hokkaido. Situated in the east of Naganuma is Maoi hill with Yubari river to the north and Chitose river in the southwest.

In the spring cherry blossoms and other local flowers bloom, and small animals awaken from their winter slumber. A perfect backdrop for flower viewing and picnics in the sun.
In the summer the song of the cuckoos fills the morning air, and the beautiful rice paddies spread.
In the autumn rice crops waiting for harvest dance in the wind.
In the winter the endless snow field blankets everything with a brilliant ivory.

Make your special memory of each season unique to Maoi in MAOIQ.

Enjoy the vintage style of MAOIQ

Enjoy the vintage interior with a soothing atmosphere selected by HOTARU des HOTARU, an antique shop in Sapporo. On a chilly night fire up the wood burning stove and unwind while experiencing the beauty of nature. Turn out the lights and take in the delight of the stars spread across the night sky and the night view overlooking the Ishikari plain.

Enjoy the scandinavian style of MAOIQ Komfort

MAOIQ komfort, a new villa opened in January 2019. Witness the sight overlooking the ranch and relax with a scandinavian interior with a focs on the Danish aesthetic. With it’s two bedrooms, it is also suitable for families.

The meaning of MAOIQ

MAOIQ – MAOI + Q MAOI refers to Mt.Maoi, the location of our villa. Q represents the Japanese kanji “区” which means “area”. Mt. Maoi is shared between the areas of Naganuma, Yuni and Kuriyama. Revel in the breathtaking scenery, the quaint and lovely shops, the friendly and hospitable people, the relaxing villa and much more in MAOIQ.

The meaning of the symbol

MAOIQ stands in the middle of a forest like a bird’s nest, where people can rest their wings and relax. It is a symbol inviting you to return to again and again. The symbol is in the shape of a ‘Q’ formed by a collection of trees, representing unity between MAOIQ and the surrounding nature.