Tonkori – Ethnic instrument of the Ainu – playing experience


All seasons

  • Time50 min *Start at 5:00 PM
  • Capacity1 to 2 persons
  • Fee(Tax included)16,280 yen
  • Categoryactivity

The Tonkori is a traditional stringed instrument of the Ainu ( the indigenous people of Hokkaido ) with a deep and soft timbre. You can feel the culture of Hokkaido and the Ainu through the experience, listening to the musical performance of the Tonkori, and playing the Tonkori.

Beautiful Tonkori by “tonkori kobo inonno” are available. These are artistic creations by Mr.Ninomiya who is a Tonkori artist. We always invite Mr.Ninomiya for the experience program and he plays the Tonkori himself. It is a precious opportunity that we can meet a Tonkori artist.

After the experience, you can rent the Tonkori for your guest room, if you’d like to play more. Spend a peaceful night at MAOIQ feeling the Tonkori sound which resonates with your heart.

The video of “tonkori kobo inonno” which appeared in “MY MAOI”

[ Content of the experience ]

  • Tonkori performance by Mr.Ninomiya
  • Playing simple Tonkori songs
  • Take photos of yourself ( You can wear the Ainu clothes )
  • Tonkori rental for one night
  • * You can reserve for only 1 group per day.
  • * Reservation must be made at least 1 week in advance.
  • * Experience place is the reception room of MAOIQ.
  • * Experience time is only between 5:00 and 6:00 PM. We can’t accept reservations of other times.

If you’d like to reserve the grill, please input the name of the option in the comment area of the accommodation reservation form. If you have already reserved your accommodation, then please order on the inquiry form of the website.

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